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Episode 5: Internationals need some help in Oz

Australian fans could be key to an upset in Presidents Cup

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The Internationals' diversity doesn’t lend itself to much of a “team” concept in the Presidents Cup, Alex Miceli says. It will be vital for the host Australian fans to rally the Internationals next week against the heavily-favored Americans and the imposing presence of U.S. player-captain Tiger Woods. Australian Jason Day, who pulled out of the home matches with a back injury, faces an uncertain future. Meanwhile, Dustin Johnson adds a layer of uncertainty for the Americans. Miceli says the Saudis have bought themselves a major championship-like tournament on the European Tour, and Phil Mickelson has caught much of the criticism for taking their money to play. But when there’s that kind of firepower at a tournament, golf fans pay attention, regardless of the political undercurrents. Disagree with Miceli? You’re likely not alone. Let him know at

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