The ModGolf Podcast

Golf and esports ... a new beginning?

Competitive esports tournaments for baseball, hockey, basketball and football have been rising in popularity, but golf has yet to join the party in the gaming world. Until now.

Charlie Watson, CEO of Lazarus Esports, joins a new episode to discuss the #VIRLShowdown, which is North America's first competitive esports golf event.

"Gaming has that massive ability to heal and to bring people together," Watson said. "That is what this event and esports is all about. There are no limits; there is no bounds. I can play with someone in Asia, Africa, South America or someone that is just down the road from me, and that's the power of gaming and esports. You see livestreams that have 700,000 viewers just for their three-hour broadcasts, so it's just phenomenal to see what's happening in our industry."

Hit the play button above to listen, and watch a video excerpt of the interview below. Look for more episodes of "The Modgolf Podcast" coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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