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How to build a coaching business that helps students fall in love with golf

Host Colin Weston is joined by LPGA Teaching Professional Dr. Greta Anderson, founder of Dr. Greta Golf, to learn how she applies her PhD in higher learning and voracious curiosity to help students understand the "Why" behind their golf lessons.

Two highlights from the episode:

"I love when people want to learn golf. That's exciting to me. I feel that a big part of my job is like 'Love Connection.' What I do is help people fall in love with golf," Anderson says.

Later she adds: "We are making progress but there definitely are a lot of areas that we need to do more work. It's implied bias. I'm continuously saddened by the number of people -- especially women of color -- who land at my lesson tee. Often times it is a return to golf after a bad experience that happened a decade or two ago and for whatever reason they have decided to give it one more shot and they found me."

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