The Grill Room Golf Show

Episode 322: Gary Player hails ‘respect’ of Big 3 rivalry

Black Knight salutes the ‘style and dignity’ of the Nicklaus-Palmer-Player triumvirate, calling it ‘blessed’

The Grill Room Golf Show Podcast with Bob and Jay

Gary Player, a recent Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree, joined co-host Bob Bubka to talk about the Black Knight’s role in golf’s “Big Three,” with Jack Nicklaus and the late Arnold Palmer. “We were fierce competitors,” Player said on The Grill Room Golf Show. “We had respect for each other. When we beat each other or we lost, we did it in style and dignity. If you don’t agree with a man’s political views, you don’t have to hate him and crucify him. You’ve still got to have the word ‘respect.’ ” Player, 84, a South African who won 165 tournaments around the world, including nine major championships, said the rivalry was “blessed.”

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