Honma —  T//World GS [1]
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Honma: T//World GS

Honma — T//World GS [1]
Speed is accentuated with Honma Golf's latest complete set of clubs, the T//World GS — the GS standing for gain speed. The GS line replaces the T//World XP-1 line and was designed for players seeking game-improvement clubs.

"In much the way the TR20 and TR21 lines we launched last year delivered exquisite design for unrivaled performance for mid to low handicappers, the GS line brings a rewarding combination of technology for golfers attracted to game-improvement clubs. Everything about the new GS line of drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons shouts speed, consistency and confidence,” said Brad Holder, Honma’s vice president of marketing.

The men’s iron set runs 4- through 11-iron; the women’s iron set runs 6- through 11-iron. Both include a sand wedge. Graphite (Honma SpeedTuned) and steel (NS Pro Neo) shafts are available.

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Honma — T//World GS [2]
Internal weight positioned toward the heel creates increased side spin and enhances a draw-bias. The design also visually encourages golfers to return the club face back to square at impact.

The woods are available in the following: 3W (15-degree head), 4W (16.5), 5W (18) and 7W (21).

The hybrids are available in the following: U3 (19), U4 (21) and U5 (24).

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Honma — T//World GS [3]
The 460-cc drivers are appealing in their design. The sole is raised toward the heel to promote draw-bias, a lower center of gravity and higher MOI — in short, more forgiveness. There is also a 9-gram adjustable weight in the heel that allows for individual customization for preferred ball flight. A rotating hosel keeps the shaft aligned through all adjustable loft-lie settings for greater consistency.

The drivers are available in 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree heads,

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