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Kjus launches Gemini Series outerwear

The Gemini Series golf outerwear from Kjus acts as a two-in-one jacket that, depending on which side is facing out, can increase or decrease the temperature against the body by 10 degrees

Kjus, the makers of innovative and technically advanced sportswear since 2000, has released its latest golf outerwear collection, the Gemini Series.

Imagine one jacket that performs two opposite functions by merely turning it inside out. That’s the basis of Gemini’s construction — reversing the elements with temperature control fabric. One side keeps you dry, the other keeps you cool — basically giving you multiple jackets in one.

"The three-layer, reversible fabric is extremely soft, stretchable and quiet so in every weather condition you are perfectly equipped," said Laura Ziegler, product manager of Germany-based Ziegler Textil GmbH, creators of the fabric used to make the Gemini pieces. The product was tested in the climate chamber at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, and on the golf course at Royal Dornoch in Scotland.

Kjus — Outerwear
Kjus put its new outerwear to a test at Royal Dornoch Golf Club in Scotland.

When the jacket is worn with the dark side facing out, the waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric absorbs 99 percent of all external ambient heat and pushes it inside the jacket. The inward-facing light side traps the heat and reflects it against the body, increasing the temperature up to 10.2 degrees more than when the product is reversed.

When the light side is worn facing out, the breathable, windproof fabric rejects 40 percent of all external ambient heat. Meanwhile, the dark side absorbs the heat being released from the body and pushes it to the outside. This can then cause a decrease in temperature up to 10.2 degrees.

Kjus — Dark Side Vest
When this Kjus double-sided vest has the dark side facing outward the water- and wind-proof fabric absorbs 99 percent of all external ambient heat and pushes it inside. The temperature against the body can rise up to 10 degrees. Flipped light-side out, the fabric can reduce the temperature by about the same amount.

This might not sound like a jacket that is very flexible or comfortable, but a sample was put to a swing test at the PGA Merchandise Show in January and passed with all thumbs up.

“It’s very comfortable compared to other rain jackets," Ziegler said. "It’s a wind jacket and a rain jacket and an everyday jacket in one jacket.”

The Gemini Series is available in a men’s jacket ($549), vest ($399) and pant ($499), plus a women’s jacket ($549) — all in either blue or black color choices.

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