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Top 9 golf items for spring, summer

Due to the coronavirus, we are all itching to play golf again on a regular basis. When that day arrives, try out this selection of apparel, accessories and equipment. Your game may just benefit

Playing golf is easy — OK, relatively easy — when using the proper equipment. Of course, what is considered proper equipment is dependent on each golfer.

As we slowly get back to playing golf post-coronavirus Here is a quick list of nine accessories, apparel and equipment that is sure to make traveling, practicing and playing golf much easier, and, hopefully, more enjoyable.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Cover: Easy to understand is why spending $250-plus on a golf travel bag may sound like a hefty investment. Then again, if you are rushing from Scotland's Edinburgh Airport terminal to the car rental center, which is a good half a mile away, you will understand why this is money well spent.

Pull your clubs, clothes and whatever else you put in the bag with one finger. Try that with any other travel bag.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Team Travel Cover
Sun Mountain ClubGlider Team Travel Cover

Ping G410 7 and 9 Fairway Woods: Not too many years ago, hybrids were the new kid on the block. As the game has evolved, so has a player's approach to harder and faster greens. Surprising is the number of PGA Tour players who have in their bag a 7-wood, specifically to hit the ball high and have it land with little run out.

The G410 9-wood is for the rest of us and is a great replacement for a 5- or 4-iron, and provides a more than subtle escape weapon out of the rough.

SuperStroke Putter Grips: Large putter grips have been around for a while, but SuperStroke is the pioneer of the larger grip and the brand continues to lead in the category. If you have never used an oversized grip and want to take a chance, go with the best. Just look around and see how many are being used on Tour.

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Rangefinder: There is a cornucopia of rangefinders on the market, so picking the right one can be like catching a falling knife. The V4 offers a good combination of size, speed and accuracy. If you are more interested in metrics such as Slope, then the V4 can handle that as well.

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Rangefinder

Arccos Caddie Smart Grips: Golf is becoming a sport filled with data and analytics, so if you want to get better, numbers are important. Arccos has perfected the ability to get data from every club on every swing. No need for any other equipment and all the data gets stored in the cloud for when you want to access it, analyze it and make your game better.

FlightScope Mevo: Launch monitors have been a game changer for golfers trying to improve their game. For many players, though, the cost makes a launch monitor more of a bucket list item. So FlightScope, put together a compact and fairly priced monitor that provides most of us with all the data we will ever need.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer: Be honest, how many of you stretch or have a pre-round warm-up routine before reaching the first tee. The Orange Whip fits in the bag like a club, so you can use it before you hit the tee and even while on the course waiting for your playing competitor to hit. Getting stretched out with this training aid takes little time and is worth every penny.

Orange Whip LightSpeed Trainer
Orange Whip LightSpeed Trainer

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove: Gloves are one of the first touchpoints of the swing, so if the glove does not fit properly, then you will likely not get the most out of your swing. According to FootJoy, a properly fit glove can mean more distance out of the same swing, so why not use the best.

KJUS Men’s Dexter 2.5L Troyer: No one makes better rain gear than KJUS. The company started in the ski industry and eventually transitioned to golf. Lightweight and durable, KJUS gear is exactly what is recommended when planning a trip to Scotland or Ireland and will be carrying your own bag.

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