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The Kube that's chill

Sun Mountain debuts innovative golf bag travel cover

Famous cubes in history:

  • Ice Cube (your favorite actor and — sorry, Biggie — rapper).
  • Rubik’s cube (annoying puzzle toy).
  • Astor Place Cube (steel sculpture in New York City’s East Village enjoyed by beatniks and hipsters since 1967).
  • Nissan Cube (boxy car that looks like a bad Japanese cartoon sold in North America until 2014 and still available in — you guessed it — Japan.)
  • The Sun Mountain Kube. All right, it’s not famous yet but it’s just a baby. Also, the Kube is a mere golf travel bag. So it’s not going to change the world. (You win this round, Mr. Rubik. P.S.: I still hate you.)

Sun Mountain is known for its innovative golf bags, Speed Cart and rain apparel and rolling ClubGlider travel bags. Kube ($229) is a new addition of note in the golf bag travel cover department and it comes with a clever wrinkle — it folds up into a compact hardcover shell case the size of a small carry-on suitcase.

Sun Mountain Kube golf bag travel cover closed
Sun Mountain's new Kube golf bag travel cover closes into a nice hard-shell case.

This genie-back-into-the-bottle trick is handy for traveling golfers because we all share one annoyance on the road, which is where to store our golf bag covers.

As Sun Mountain president Ed Kowachek said, “Kube is ideal for someone who wants their golf travel bag to take up as little space as possible when not in use.”

Kube fulfills his mission. It closes to a mere 9 by 13 by 14.5 inches and weighs only 6.8 pounds. The ballistic-style fabric that makes up the length of the cover is designed to fold up. Once the fabric is between the shells, pop three three-pronged latches into place and the Kube turns into what looks like a small case.

I test-drove Kube on a recent trip. I’ve been using ClubGlove’s slim Last Bag Collegiate cover the last few years. Kube is roomier than that, which I liked, although it’s not as roomy as the gold standard in the travel bag category, ClubGlove’s Last Bag XL Pro Tour.

Kube’s extra width made it easier to insert my golf bag into the cover. I’ve had a long affair with the Last Bag Collegiate, but slipping my golf bag into it always seems like trying to put on a shoe that’s a half-size too small. Not so with Kube.

My clubs felt safer with Kube’s hard-shell half-cover protecting the top of the bag where the wood heads are.

Other pluses were the durability of the ballistic-style material and the heavy-duty zippers; sturdy wheels on the bag’s bottom; a grab-handle atop the bag and two straps that snap into one as a mid-bag handle, much like ClubGlove’s; and pockets inside the bag to stash a pair of golf shoes.

The Last Bag Collegiate is so form-fitting, there’s no room to store much else inside. I’d like a little extra space, like Kube has, but not as much as the Mack Daddy Last Bag XL Pro Tour.

Sun Mountain Kube golf bag travel cover
Sun Mountain's Kube looks like an ordinary golf bag travel cover until folder up for efficient storage.

My golf shoes easily went into Kube’s inside pockets and the bag zipped shut without a problem. A plastic window is on the bag’s outside so you can slip a business card in to serve as an ID although I also attached a luggage tag on the top handle.

I also liked the look of my Kube. The hard-shell covers were a tropical orange, making it easy to spot on the luggage carousel, and the rest of the bag was a metallic gray.

There were only two minor downsides to Kube. One, it takes some practice to get good at folding Kube’s innards between the shells. At first, it can be like trying to shut your overstuffed suitcase after you bought too many souvenirs at DisneyWorld. But you’ll get the hang of it after a few trips.

Two, and this is really picky, but when stood on end, Kube does not remain standing upright no matter how carefully you balance it. My Last Bag Collegiate cover does, and that stand-up ability comes in handy when you need a free hand at the check-in kiosk or counter and know you can let go and it won’t topple over.

Best of all, once you’ve stuffed Kube into its case like a Jack-in-a-box, it’s neatly out of the way whether it’s in a hotel closet or a car trunk.

Kube is kinda kool … I mean, cool.

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