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Italy's Duca del Cosma revolutionizes golf fashion

Duca del Cosmo shoes

Over the last two decades, Duca del Cosma has been producing the most vibrant and distinctive golf shoes on the market through a combination of colorful Italian designs, luxurious materials and unrivaled craftsmanship to deliver incredible performance and fashionable looks both on and off the course.

Only leather from the best tanneries is used to handcraft the shoes which feature soft linings and outsoles shaped from durable rubber compounds. The premium shoes incorporate a waterproof bootie system with a highly breathable membrane to keep feet dry, plus a leather-topped Arneflex® memory foam insole for extra comfort and support. Specially designed outsoles provide excellent grip for stability throughout the swing.

Exceptional attention to detail in the design process is what sets Duca del Cosma apart and has seen the premium brand recognized in the Golf Digest Best Golf Shoes of 2020 awards for the men’s LA SPEZIA and women’s FESTIVA spikeless shoes.

The award-winning brand introduced the first spikeless golf shoe in 2006 under the vision of Baldovino Mattiazzo - the original founder - who remains a driving force behind fashionable innovation as Head of Creative Design at Duca del Cosma today.

“I bring my ideas and vision for each collection based on the fashion world that surrounds me in Italy,” said Baldovino. “The golf shoes I create are not simply shoes developed from those on the shelves, but a special evolution of fashionable creativity in each style. The DNA of Duca del Cosma is to be different and a genuine trendsetter in the golfing world. The shoes in the latest collection all fit that criteria.”

On receiving a pair of Duca del Cosma shoes, customers will find the personal email address of Frank van Wezel - the company Chairman - printed inside every shoe box in order to give feedback to the man at the top and be guaranteed that it will be followed up. This personal touch helps to define the brand and ensure it remains engaged with its customers.

Duca del Cosma philosophy revolves around the idea of creating products that truly stand out in the game of golf and the current line up epitomizes this. Designed for the modern golfer, the stellar range is comprised of technical golf shoes and lifestyle sneakers that can be worn for leisure and even business meetings.

The brand has recently introduced bold animal print designs that have proven popular with modern women golfers looking for a sporty look even when they’re not playing golf.

To shop the latest collection of premium golf shoes from Duca del Cosma, visit www.ducadelcosma.us.