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Bridgestone’s Tour B XS has Tiger Woods all over it

For anyone not aware, Bridgestone is currently the largest rubber company in the world, a fact that shouldn’t be overly surprising considering the staff of more than 900 polymer engineers employed by the company.

When you combine that much research and technical expertise with the very specific demands and opinions of none other than Tiger Woods, it’s almost inevitable that a groundbreaking product would result – and it has… in the form of the Tour B XS.

Designed specifically to satisfy the 15-time major champion’s desire for both more ball speed and distance - as well as enhanced greenside spin and control - the Tour B XS features a true game-changing cover technology called REACTIV. The new design, which requires a chemical “modifier” to be added to the urethane cover, yields firmer performance on faster strikes with a driver and longer clubs for more ball speed and a softer hit and more dwell time on slower strikes with wedges and shorter clubs, creating more spin and control.

Bridgestone's REACTIV Cover

But according to Elliot Mellow, marketing manager at Bridgestone Golf, how much modifier to add to the urethane cover to achieve the desired combination of distance, spin, and control is easier said than done, which is where Tiger’s input was absolutely essential.

“Tiger definitely pushes the envelope with our R&D team,” said Mellow. “He’s incredibly insightful when it comes to golf ball performance, and he can sense the slightest variances in trajectory, speed, and spin. A robot is a useful tool for a variety of reasons, but Tiger provides feedback no machine can ever duplicate, and for that reason, he was absolutely critical to the development process.”

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