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Serving up the golf lifestyle in every cup

This start-up found a special intersection between coffee and the game of golf. Meet Good Walk Coffee Company

Good Walk Coffee Company

For centuries, people around the globe have made coffee a part of their everyday lives. Whether it’s a habitual part of a busy morning routine, or a way to socialize among friends, nothing beats a good cup of joe.

In fact, according to the National Coffee Association 64 percent of the U.S. population drinks coffee every day and the numbers certainly aren’t dwindling anytime soon. The coffee industry is worth about $14.4 billion and continues to see strong growth as new methods of consumption continue to rise in popularity.

In today’s age of instant access, coffee brands have jumped on the opportunity to provide consumers with gourmet coffee and tools to be their own barista. Data is pointing to the fact that these coffee connoisseurs prefer quality over price, providing boutique, direct-to-consumer brands opportune timing to gain customers. Many are even aligning with specific causes and interests.

One such start-up has found an intersect between coffee and the game of golf. Born from the combination of the two passions, Good Walk Coffee Company came onto the coffee – and golf scene – in 2019.

As a teen, founder Chris Mellow frequented the fairways of Oakland Hills Country Club after his father’s job relocation from Nashville. But it’s the early childhood memory of his grandfather’s ritualistic cup of coffee from their Appalachian muni’s snack shop before walking the morning nine that serves as the brand’s lynchpin.

“I’ve always loved golf and it has been a huge part of my life both as a kid and adult,” says Mellow. “The game became part of our family’s lifestyle and I wanted to find a way to turn that passion into what I do every day.”

Taking inspiration from Mark Twain’s famous quote “a good walk spoiled,” Mellow set out to establish his own coffee brand that nods to golf’s traditions, while reflecting today’s modern golf lifestyle. Both are visible in the brand’s logo and quippy product names.

good walk coffee company products

Good Walk currently offers three variations – Breakfast Ball Colombia Medium Roast, Clubhouse South Africa Dark Roast and Dew Sweeper Organic French Roast Blend. These golf-themed offerings come in whole and ground options, with K Cups available soon and an Ethiopian light roast on the horizon.

“Making quality coffee will always be our top priority, but we have found a way to do that while maintaining values that are important to our brand,” says Mellow. “We source premium beans with fair trade and organic certifications and keep our roasting and packaging process as sustainable as possible.”

Speaking of quality, Good Walk touts partnerships with top roasters in Seattle and Oakland, CA, whose location won Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year in 2019. Couple that with a nitrogen flush before beans are packed and sealed in a lined, valved packaging and you’ve got incredibly fresh coffee from order to delivery.

In addition to the coffee industry, Good Walk has partnered with other like-minded brands in the beverage and golf space to offer a unique array of accessories, like shoe bags, headcovers and tumblers made from partly recycled materials.

“One of our goals is to become part of a larger movement to offer golfers products that fit into their everyday life, much like a daily cup of coffee,” says Mellow. “We’re able to do that by expanding beyond our offerings and collaborating with established brands that align with our mission.”

So how does coffee become part of a golf routine? When those much-anticipated morning tee times have you at the first tee at the crack of dawn, coffee just might be the swing juice you need. Not just a boost of energy, caffeine is rumored to have added performance benefits, like increased endurance and decreased muscle fatigue, which can certainly help come that long walk to the 18th green.

Have a craving for coffee all of a sudden? Find yours at GoodWalkCoffee.com.