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CBD is here to stay – but is there a better option for your shop?

Due to a newfound interest in wellness products, golf facilities across the country are offering CBD to their members and guests.

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Golf has a new category, and it’s growing rapidly – Wellness. Home to an expanding list of products that have been shown to help your game by making you feel better physically and sharper mentally. The Wellness space features products like CBD, an increasingly popular hemp derivative that has drawn attention everywhere. Golfers are attracted to the benefits of CBD that help relieve pain and increase focus.

Due to this newfound interest in wellness products, golf facilities across the country have been turning to the wellness category to offer CBD to their members and guests. Larry Dornisch, PGA Head Golf Professional at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio was an early adopter of CBD, “We had a successful year with CBD; people seem to like the Pain Relief Roll-On, Cream and Gummies.” Echoing the sentiment of many, Dornisch added, “The wellness category has grown and is of interest to our staff and members.”

While the interest in the wellness space is apparent, CBD is not the only option for golfers and shops searching for natural relief. In fact, for many there is still confusion about what CBD is and whether it’s legal. That’s why the doctors at Boomer Naturals created Golf CB5 – the breakthrough new plant-based, doctor-formulated alternative to CBD.

Golf CB5 is 100% legal, FDA compliant and contains no CBD, no hemp, and no THC. Golf CB5 features a patent-pending blend of terpenes from plants including rosemary, cacao, and black pepper. All ingredients in Golf CB5 are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Tired of pharmaceutical options for pain, inflammation, and sleep, people of all ages are looking for an alternative. “We find our membership to be open and wanting natural solutions to aches and pains with no side effects,” said Joan Sarlo, Merchandise Manager at Martis Camp in Truckee, CA.

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Designed to help your members and guests feel better and play more, Golf CB5 balances your body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS which helps regulate pain and inflammation, lessen anxiety, and improve sleep and skin conditions. Golf CB5 is available in a variety of products designed to help maintain physical and emotional health. Products come in different sizes, flavors, and applications including the popular Pain Relief Roll-on, Tinctures, and AM, PM, and Anytime Gummies

“Many golf facilities are curious about who to partner with in the expanding wellness space,” says Mike Quaid, CEO of Boomer Naturals. “There is a lot of interest in natural alternatives now, but it can be very confusing. Boomer Naturals Golf CB5 distinguishes itself with an upscale product presentation, keystone margins, and digital product knowledge.”

As golfers and retailers learn more about the wellness category, questions about a product like Golf CB5 arise. People want to know how it can help, what kind of products to recommend, and how to use them. That’s why Boomer Naturals makes sure it offers a comprehensive information and education campaign to its retail customers.

Joan Sarlo of Martis Camp was one of those retailers grappling with the decision of who to bring in as a wellness partner. “Last year at the PGA show in Orlando we were giving serious thought about bringing a CBD company into our golf shop. We decided to wait a year and watch the response in general,” said Joan Sarlo, Merchandise Manager of Martis Camp. “This year at the PGA Magazine MOY conference we were very interested in the presentation on Boomer Naturals Golf CB5. While listening to the CEO and Dr. Bruce Landon’s presentation on each of the botanical ingredients and how they affect our internal regulatory system, we thought it would be of great value to bring it in and share with our membership. We will be bringing in a variety of the products to share and educate our members with.”

Dr. Landon, one of the formulators of the proprietary CB5 blend, detailed the extensive benefits of the product line to golfers specifically. By providing full support for the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Boomer Naturals Golf CB5 helps with so many of the issues golfers face daily. Issues like pain, inflammation, difficulty sleeping or focusing. Golfers are asking for a product to help them with these issues, and shops looking to meet the demands of their members can feel confident offering an option like Golf CB5 which is fully safe, legal, and effective.

Aside from the obvious sales potential and the capacity to rejuvenate their existing retail display areas with a new category of products, retail and golf professionals are excited about Golf CB5’s ability to help them connect with club members and customers in a new way.

Matt Bailey, Director of Golf at Forest Highlands Golf Club in Flagstaff, AZ. shared his experience with Golf CB5 and its benefits. “On a recent trip one of my members had a back issue and asked if I had Ibuprofen. He went to get it out of my golf bag and discovered my Golf CB5 Roll-On. He proceeded to roll it on his lower back and felt great the entire round. As you can imagine I no longer have that Roll-On in my bag, he absconded with it for the remainder of our trip! I am looking forward to stocking Golf CB5 in our golf shop so the rest of our members can feel the benefits!”

Golf CB5 can be found online at www.boomernaturals.com, as well as public, private and resort facilities across the country.