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Bogeys hurt… playing golf shouldn’t!

Whether it’s a bad back, sore wrist or bum knee, golfers are always dealing with pain. This product can help.


Golf is more fun when you’re not in pain. Bogeys and doubles hurt…playing golf shouldn’t. Whether it’s a bad back, sore wrist or bum knee, golfers are always dealing with pain. However, for many it can be emotional pain too … first-tee jitters, the sting of a bad round, or even a terrifying tee shot. Whatever the reason, Boomer Naturals Golf CB5 helps you feel better and makes golf more fun!

Lately, one of the hottest topics in golf has been CBD, but there is still confusion about what it is and whether it’s legal. That’s why the doctors at Boomer Naturals created Golf CB5 – a revolutionary line of CBD alternative products that is 100% legal, FDA compliant and contains no CBD, no hemp and no THC. Golf CB5 products work naturally with your body to help alleviate pain and inflammation, relieve anxiety, and promote restful sleep.
Golf CB5 is composed of natural, plant-based ingredients that have been clinically shown to help improve physical and emotional health. Golf CB5 is available in AM, PM or Anytime Gummies and Tinctures as well as our best-selling Golf CB5 Pain Relief Roll-On and InstaFreeze Pain Relief Cream.

Trusted by PGA Tour Champions winner Brandt Jobe, Golf CB5 has been a key factor in improving his game.

“After trying Golf CB5, I saw immediate results with the Tincture
Drops and the Pain Relief Roll-On. Right away I was like wow…this is incredible, and I started spreading the word,” says Jobe. “In order to play this sport, you need to have the highest level of focus, and your body has to feel ready to go out and compete in top form each week. That doesn’t mean you win every week, but you feel like you’re prepared and you’re ready to go. That is exactly what Golf CB5 has helped me feel.”


Golf CB5 is designed to balance the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates several key internal systems. Discovered in the early 1990s, the ECS works to restore and maintain balance in both our physical and emotional health. While much remains to be learned about the ECS, we now know that problems like pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and more are all regulated by the ECS.

“This internal regulatory system works to restore and balance our mind, body, and emotions,” explained Mike Quaid, CEO of Boomer Naturals. “When you can’t sleep, it’s the ECS that kicks in to calm the body. If there’s pain, the ECS jumps in to manage that. Our proprietary Golf CB5 formula is specifically designed to help our internal ECS function properly so that it can regulate our overall wellness and assist us in leading healthier lives.”

One of the ways Golf CB5 helps to improve physical and emotional health is that it targets all known ECS receptors while other supplements only target one. With full ECS support, Golf CB5 addresses the concerns that golfers face daily: pain, inflammation, lack of focus, and energy. Golf CB5 balances the internal systems and enhances the overall function of the ECS to help the body operate at its prime.

While there are a lot of options on the market, Golf CB5 stands alone. Our doctor-formulated, proprietary blend utilizes ingredients the FDA considers ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAS). If you are looking for natural relief from the daily rigors of golf or life, try Golf CB5.

Golf CB5 can be found online at www.boomernaturals.com, as well as public, private and resort facilities across the country.