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Zero Friction has revolutionized the golf industry with its introduction of vibrant colored accessories and groundbreaking technology. Golfers are now able to add style AND performance to their game!

Zero Friction: Gloves, Balls and Tees

With their patented universal compression-fit technology, Zero Friction has reimagined the golf glove while offering exceptional breathability, color, and longevity. These innovative gloves will stretch and compress to each hand for a taut fit, eliminating the friction caused from a loose or stretched glove.

“My golf glove just expired after 114 rounds – Wow!”

In 2005, the Zero Friction Performance Tee was introduced, making them the first in the industry to make the rarely thought of golf tee an important aspect of the game. Their unique development of multi-prong designs significantly reduces the contact area between the tee and ball by 66%, leading to longer, straighter drives. Less Resistance = More Distance!

“Best golf tees around!”

In 2018, Zero Friction introduced the Spectra 2-Piece distance matte finish golf ball in a variety of exciting colors and value kits. These florescent colors allow golfers to trace their shots easier and simply adds a fun, colorful addition to the game!

“Very happy with the intense color and performance”

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