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Want to be more resilient on the golf course? Try this simple lesson from a famous tiger

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If you've listened to this show, you’ve heard me say that golf is a game that is meant to be fun.  But sometimes 'fun' comes packaged as a test of your resilience.

In case you’re wondering, the fun happens in golf when you know you endured the test without losing any ground with your confidence.

In this episode, I talk about how to apply a simple golf lesson from a famous tiger that will help you improve your resilience when the game tests you, and the six ways you can apply it to your game.

Here's how this episode plays out...

  • [10:25] No. 1: Bring the challenge down to size – A bounce-back mindset means that you believe there is no situation you can’t figure out how to conquer.
  • [11:56] No. 2: Focus on tracking the little wins – The fruit of your hard work and effort often builds behind the scenes in your game long before it has a big impact on your outcome metrics such as putting statistics or handicap.
  • [13:41] No. 3: See yourself through the right lens – To be more resilient, how you see yourself as a golfer when you’re playing well and when you’re not should be exactly the same.
  • [15:17] No. 4: Be willing to change things up – A flexible and creative approach that allows you to pivot when needed breeds bounce-back-ability.
  • [16:27] No. 5: Decide that you're always winning or learning – Resilient golfers never find a reason to give up, because they never believe they are losing.
  • [17:54] No. 6: Always expect success to happen next – The mindset you play with must be leading you in the direction of success.

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