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There are 6 'golf personality' types. Which one describes you?

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Do you know your golf personality? There are six dominant types that sports psychologist Shannon Reece has encountered over the years. 

From an outside perspective, they all appear to have merit. But there are some serious downsides to a few that sound good on paper but might surprise you. 

That’s why in this episode, she reveals the pros and cons of the six dominant golf personalities and the reason why there is only one that Reece teaches her clients to adopt.

Here’s how this episode plays out…

  • [03:40] No. 1 – The worker bee – This persona is just as the name implies, centered around constantly working hard on your game. While you may think this is good, there are downsides to working too hard.
  • [06:17] No. 2 – The socialite – This may be your personality type if you love to be at the center of the fun and enjoy the casual and social side of golf. But have you considered how being so wrapped up in the social side of golf might be impacting your performance?
  • [08:27] No. 3 – The defender – If you make it a point to know where the trouble is on a hole, where you’ve had issues in the past, or where it might be OK to miss, then you’re playing like a defender. But knowing where the trouble lies simply makes trouble spots possible targets.
  • [1058] No. 4 – The historian – This may be your golf personality if you get wrapped up in reminiscing about the past, the glory days, the game, swing, or distance you once had and wish you still had today. Learn how measuring your present game on the past can diminish your confidence.
  • [13:50] No. 5 – The fixer – If you get consumed by learning everything you can about your swing from a multitude of sources, then you are likely a fixer. Discover how this approach can inhibit your ability to trust your swing.
  • [18:45] No. 6 – The scholar – See why this is the only golf personality that Reece teaches her clients to adopt and how it encompasses the best of all the personality types in one.

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes of "She Talks Birdie," coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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