She Talks Birdie

To train your mind to play better golf, enjoy the small victories

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Are you actively working to create a library of great golf memories, round after round? If not, you're missing the one habit you absolutely need to play great golf.

In this episode, sports psychologist Shannon Reece shares a three-step process to cultivate this powerful habit in your game, starting today.

Here’s how this episode plays out…

[06:47] Step 1: Buying into the value of celebrating success – If you aren’t actively looking for things to celebrate in your game following every shot, then you’re missing out on a lot of amazing benefits from creating memories of success.

[08:55] Step 2: Knowing the key things you want to celebrate during a round – Success isn’t just about holing putts, hitting long drives or making a birdie. There are parts of your performance that contribute to great outcomes that are worth celebrating.

[13:40] Step 3: Understanding how to make memories of success stick – The memories that stick are those to which you give the most attention, energy, thought, talk and feeling. Discover three simple things to make sure that great memories stick.  

Let's get started!

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