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The past 12 months have made you mentally tougher. Here's how to use it on the golf course

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This has been a year full of unexpected, unwelcome, and often uncomfortable experiences. In many ways, I got knocked out of my comfort zone just like you.

But I refused to get knocked down.

I want to challenge you to conduct a year in review with me that’s a bit different.

Why? Because the challenges that you endured over the past 12 months carried some lessons that I don’t want you to miss. When you embrace and leverage the changes that challenging times create, you position yourself for greater success.

So, in this episode, I’m going to share the top golf lessons you absolutely want to use.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode…

  • [04:35] 2020 Golf Lesson 1: Social distancing enhances focus – Discover how to play with your mind focused on your game even when contending with distractions from playing with others.
  • [07:20] 2020 Golf Lesson 2: You’ve got to make the most of every moment – When a round isn’t going as planned, it can be easy to find your thoughts drifting to the past and the future. Learn how to keep your mind centered on the present, which is the only part of the game you can control.
  • [09:52] 2020 Golf Lesson 3: Your emotions won’t control you if you don’t lose control of your emotions – There is one key to being able to maintain good control over your emotions even when the game tests you.
  • [13:43] 2020 Golf Lesson 4: You can overcome any challenge with the right attitude – You can play great with an imperfect swing and a great attitude, but you’ll never play your best with a great swing and a bad attitude.
  • [15:19] 2020 Golf Lesson 5: Change is good – One of the greatest traits of high performers is their willingness to embrace change. Learn how to get a bit more flex in how you approach your game and your game will get easier to play.

Let’s get started!

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