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What is your favorite course to watch tournament golf played on and why?

What is your favorite course to watch tournament golf played on and why?

Augusta National because of the sheer beauty of the course — being there is even better — and several risk-reward holes that often decide the winner. Also, there are the Masters traditions with the involvement of past champions, key players from around the world, and amateurs (could use a few more). And, it's the first major of the year, which signals Spring and a new season. Pebble Beach is a close second for its beauty and 100-year history of hosting important championships at all levels.

— Denny Davenport | Geneva, Ill.

My selection of best golf course [to watch tournament golf on] is Glen Abbey Golf Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus and former home to the Canadian Open. It is located in Oakville, Ontario.

The course presents good viewing areas for the fans with both the "Valley Holes" and the upper layout offer two distinct views. In the past year, the current owners have decided to remove the course and develop it for real estate. The municipality is fighting to keep this national treasure intact. 

— Douglas Pudsey | Burlington, Ontario

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