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Now on the tee

A couple of May exhibition matches are filling the void of tournament golf until June. How interested are you?

There are only so many instructional shows, airings of The Legend of Bagger Vance, and replays of major championships past that we can tolerate. That is why the exhibition matches featuring the likes of Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are refreshing. Are the exhibitions considered must-see TV or are you waiting for real tournament golf?

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I will watch the exhibitions because they are the only game in town — literally and figuratively.

However, the first Tiger Woods / Phil Mickelson match was such bad golf. I am concerned that after this layoff the golf might be boring and bad also.

Therefore, I am a little more interested in the TaylorMade match [featuring Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Matthew Wolff and Rickie Fowler] than the pro/amateur one.

Terry DiCarlo
San Francisco, Calif.

Must, must, must see TV. I have been bored to death with no live golf on TV.

Bill Jaros
Hobe Sound, Fla.

Very interested. First, because as a golfer I’m eager to see some competition from the guys who can play, even exhibitions as these two events will be.

Secondly, I have had the opportunity to play Seminole several times and I’ll be interested in seeing how the pros play, on a relatively short course by their standards. I would like to see some wind off the Atlantic as that might spice their play up a bit.

While I am from that area of Florida, The Medalist had not been built before I left. We have heard a lot about the course so it will be interesting to see it on television.

Yep, I’m stoked.

Bill Boutwell
Jacksonville, Fla.

I'm interested.

Doug Knight
Red Deer, Alberta

I don’t know that I would call the exhibitions "must-see" golf. However, due to the lack of any interesting alternatives, I would classify them as have-to-at-least-check-them-out-to-see-if-they-hold-my-interest golf.

Rick Lanari
Murrells Inlet, S.C.

I look forward to the exhibition matches. However I would enjoy some fun additions like worst ball, one club or left-handed. Just standard golf could get boring.

Ron Moyer
DeLand, Fla.

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