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A golfer's best friend

Should courses in the U.S. allow golfers to bring their dogs

As Morning Read contributor Alistair Tait notes (Golf and dogs: U.K. unleashes ideal pairing), dogs are a fairly common sight on golf courses in the U.K. Should they have a place on U.S. courses? Let us know your thoughts.

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Today: 18th, March 2020. It has been reported that the first dog has died from the coronavirus, surely it must be time to ban all dogs from golf courses.

David Rattue
Romsey, England

Sure. Why not? Just for people who walk.

David Pilsner
PGA, Director of Golf Instruction, Timber Creek Golf Club
Friendswood, Texas

I’ll weigh in with a no vote, and I love dogs.

When I’m golfing I don’t want to be bothered by other people and their pets. If a person won’t replace a divot or fix their ball marks on the greens, I’m pretty sure they won’t be picking up their dog’s poop.

Hey, let us just play golf with no music and no pets. We’re trying to enjoy our round of golf, played in a reasonable amount of time.

Duane Ragland
Chicago, Ill.

Dogs do not belong on a golf course. My yard is full of reasons why as they poop all over the place, and owners do not clean up after them. We do not need that additional nuisance on our golf courses.

Bob Hope
Springville, Utah

In my opinion, dogs should be allowed on the golf course with their people. This should come with common sense though. They need to supervise the dogs, have them alongside, well behaved, quiet, and most of all ... pick up after them.

I have raised Guide Dogs for The Blind puppies in training and they have accompanied me on the golf course for years. Fellow players have loved it. They add a sense of calm and humor to the experience.

I have also taken my own dogs on the golf course, where allowed, when I’ve walked and taken a cart. I place a fleece on the cart seat and she rides with us and is perfectly behaved.

Taking her along allows me to be on the course, without that I would choose not to play. I also wouldn’t spend the money on green fees, cart fees, food or beverages that I do when I have the freedom and no pressure to get back home to her. I won’t leave my dog for the amount of time to get to the golf course, hit practice balls, play 18 holes of golf and socialize afterwards.

I used to run a nine-hole course and was part owner of an 18-hole course. I never had one problem with a dog, but plenty of problems with men and women for various reasons.

Kathy Wentworth
Portland, Oregon


Sue Seitz
Dayton, Ohio

Yes, when properly trained.

Larry Mueller
Ventura, Calif.

I understand that many people have an attachment to their dogs. Some even feel that attachment is almost like family.

However, not everyone feels that same way. People who are avid dog lovers even look down on those of us who are not dog lovers with distain. Remarks such as “what is wrong with you for not being a dog lover” are the common response to those of us who do share their passion for dogs.

With that being said, I do not feel that I have to be subjected to sharing a golf course with dogs just because someone else feels obligated to bring their four-legged friends. The unintended consequences of this would be an expanded variety of animals due wanting to be politically correct. Recently, airlines have had to deal with this very issue as people now feel it is their right to treat the airplane as a flying zoo.

Where do you stop going down this slippery slope once you start with dogs. What if I wanted to bring my pet elephant or my pet donkey?

Don’t impose your pets on me and I won’t impose my pets on you.

Jerome Geyer
Kennesaw, Ga.

Dogs are allowed on the semi-private golf course at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, Calif. The Lodge itself is very dog friendly. Not a lot of people take them out on the course — it’s not a huge deal.

Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, Calif., also allows dogs to accompany their owners on course. For some of the wounded warriors, who depend on canine companions for independence, having their dogs there is normal. Completely up to each individual property. Not really a discussion point for us.

Janice Ferguson
Saratoga, Calif.

No dogs or boom boxes or music on the driving range. My wife agrees, so two no votes.

Thomas R. Bellmann
Independence, Mo.

I have been taking my dog golfing with me for the past six years. He loves to go along. Sometimes we walk and sometimes we ride. I am a PGA member and head professional at a public course. We allow our members and guests to bring their dogs on the course and into our building.

Randy Meyer
Sturgeon Bay, Wisc.

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