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Is more actually better?

Are you interested in the proposed Premier Golf League that would rival the PGA Tour?

Every now and then a rival can ultimately improve an existing product. That was clearly the case for the NFL when the AFL debuted — and the two leagues later merged. Same with the NBA when the upstart ABA raised eyebrows. Now there are serious talks of a Premier Golf League, which is seeking to attract golf's biggest names. Would such a league be good for golf fans?

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Bill Bamber
Edmonton, Alberta

The Premier Golf League will NOT be better than the PGA Tour.

Dan Tate
Washington, DC

I don't like the idea. Eighteen events that all must be played? Any player who joins will effectively have to quit the PGA Tour. Merely offering a lot of money is not going to attract top stars — they are already rich. Greg Norman was wrong with his proposal 20 years ago and the idea isn't any better now.

Dick Hunt
Penryn, Calif.

No. I like the PGA Tour just like it is today. The Premier Golf League can go pound sand and link up with Top Golf.

Donnie Blanks
Jupiter, Fla.

The Premier Golf League is absolutely what consumers of golf entertainment need. The current coverage — and commentary — of the PGA Tour is old and stale (and sucks).

In a heartbeat, I would watch the new league, with its proposed format and members. It is what I’ve been hoping for a very long time.

Jim Evans
Arlington, Texas

If the PGL lures Tiger [Woods], Rory [McIlroy], Phil [Mickelson] and other top golfers away from the lesser PGA Tour tourneys, it will kill attendance, not to mention the viewership numbers for CBS and NBC golf broadcasts.

What will happen in four to five years when they retire or move to the Champions Tour? Who among the rest of today's tour players will have the star power to hold an audience? The end result may be a sweeping loss of interest in the PGA Tour on TV except for the majors and WGC events.

That being said, I would definitely tune in to PGL broadcasts, unless a paid subscription would be required. In that case I would buy a dog, and might even take my wife to the store.

Larry Hunt
Orland Park, Ill.

The notable difference between the NFL/AFL and NBA/ABA leagues and enhancing those respective sports, and the proposed Premier Golf League is simple.

Both the AFL and ABA brought more professional teams and players to the sport. The Premier Golf League would lessen the eligible participants on its tour and siphon off the best players.

The [PGA] Tour would therefore have fewer quality players participating and therefore lessened attendance and viewership. Hardly a formula to “Grow the Game.”

Steve Rosenbaum Sr.
Oak Lawn, Ill.

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