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Name that tune

Does music have a place on the golf course?

Golfers on both the driving range and putting green can routinely be seen with some form of Beats, AirPods or other listening devices on their ears. Now, they're making their way onto the course. Is this a good or bad progression?

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I think there is a time and place for music. Most of the golf I play lately is in outings where music in the cart has been encouraged at a reasonable level. I’ve really enjoyed it while still being able to enjoy my playing partners and nature. I would say no headphones anywhere else but the driving range. If one is going to be totally isolated, play virtual golf indoors. Also, for safety, one needs to be able to hear “Fore!”, especially if I’m out there.

Kevin Vander Klay
Arlington Heights, Ill.

No!! When playing a round of golf, a golfer should be concerned about his game, not listening to his stereo.

Don Cross
Lafayette, La.

So long as I can’t hear the music, it’s fine. Not only is the kind of music a personal choice, it’s supposed to be quiet during play. Ear phones or not at all.

Terrance Gleason
Woodstock, Ill.

Yes, music has progressed into golf and it needed to in order to continue to grow the game. The younger players don’t have the attention span to play a 4- to 5-hour round of golf without some form of entertainment, and, quite frankly, neither can I.
Yes, I too have a Bluetooth speaker built into my golf cart, but the volume is kept at a low enough level that you have to be in the cart to hear it.

Don Raley
Phoenix, Ariz.

I tell my golf association that I will not play in a foursome that plays music. It is horrible that I have to listen to somebody's music that I don’t like. It also puts my timing off.

Ralf Smets
Pleasant Hill, Calif.

As long as it doesn’t disturb others (e.g., Al Czervik), I see no problem with it at all — makes [the round] fun and the waiting between shots more tolerable.

Jim Adams
Birmingham, Ala.