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Too good to be true?

Some gadgets are ahead of their time

Was there ever a golf accessory that you were skeptical about, but tried it anyway and was pleasantly surprised by the results? If so, what was the accessory?

Please send your response to editor Stuart Hall. In order to be published, add your first and last name, along with your city and state of residence.

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The Swing Caddie SC 300. Bought it thinking it would help fine tune my distance, but thought it wouldn’t be that accurate for $500 compared to TrackMan.

Wrong. I put both side by side and compared results. Surprisingly, the Swing Caddy was within a few yards on most clubs and the other data, like swing and ball speed, were within 1 MPH and launch angle within a degree.

That is good enough to help me see how I am doing and how to improve parts of my swing. We have a water range in Colorado (Perry Park) where we hit floaters, and you just can’t tell how far the ball is going. This helps so much. It picks up almost all the shots, keeps track of how many balls you have hit during the session and you can download all to an iPad or iPhone to look at all the shots by club or day.

Well worth the investment.

Mike Goode
Scottsdale, Ariz.

I suffered a hand injury in late 2017, and I could not hold a golf club for several months. While I was in rehab, a friend told me about a indoor golf range that was so inexpensive I thought it was a toy.

I went to his house and tried it. It actually allowed for full swings with all cliubs and used a regular golf ball, tethered on an elastic string, so I bought one. I think I paid about $150 for it including shipping. It was called Cagegolf.

Between my wife and myself, we have probably hit over 10,000 balls. It is a great warmup and practice device. I set it up in my garage and can go down and hit a dozen or so shots any time, day or night. I have had to replace the elastic cords and many balls, but it is still going strong. Unfortunately, the company that was selling the device is gone.

Ken Oishi
Lake Oswego, Ore.

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