Question of the Week

I'll have a ...

What is your drink of choice following a weekend round?

After a round, with what do you quench your thirst?

Please email your response to editor Stuart Hall. In order to publish, please include your first and last name, along with your city and state of residence.


My drink of choice after a round of golf is a Links Drinks Classic Transfusion, [which is a cocktail in a can].

Fred Evanko
Fairfield, Conn.

Play early Sunday morning. When we do stop at the 19th hole, more often it's for one or two beers. Occasionally, a Bloody Mary.

Mark Kazich
Darien, Ill.

After 18 holes at Oakmont [Golf Club's] West course — my home course — in the Sonoma valley of Northern California, I drink a pint of Boont amber ale that is on tap. 

Tom Samarati
Santa Rosa, Calif.

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