Gone Fishing: Introducing the Tom Rowland Podcast, on fishing, life and the outdoors

September 23, 2020 03:53 PM

Morning Read has launched a new section called Hobbies, where we'll wander a bit outside traditional golf coverage and explore some of our readers' passions. One of those interests is the outdoors, which of course overlaps with golf, and we're thrilled to welcome one of America's most revered outdoorsmen to the Morning Read Podcast Network: Tom Rowland. Rowland is perhaps best known for his long-running show, Saltwater Experience, which is now in its 15th season and airs on NBC Sports, Fox Sports Sun, the Sportsman Channel and Waypoint TV . Rowland began his career as a fishing guide, but his entrepreneurial efforts launched his career in television.

More recently, he started a podcast, where he wraps tales of the outdoors into interviews with celebrities, entreprenuers and up-and-comers. We'll bring you new episodes on the Morning Read Podcast Network as part of a new partnership.

This week, Tom interviews Ben Friedman of Barstool Sports. For 21 years, Friedman wanted to host his own outdoor show. He would watch Saltwater Experience with his friends and pretend to be Tom. Ben planned, visualized and actually created his life's dream.

Two years ago, he pitched an idea to Dave Portnoy, Barstool's founder and president, to be the outdoor guy at Barstool Sports. Ben had to start at the bottom. He moved to New York and worked tirelessly to do the best job he could in order to get a shot at the outdoors show. Today, Barstool Outdoors is in its second season and its popularity is exploding. With millions of views and a loyal audience, Barstool Outdoors has arrived. Enjoy the interview with Tom and Ben, and look for more episodes of the Tom Rowland Podcast coming soon.