How Garmin harnesses power of 'human-centered design' in golf products

November 23, 2020 10:22 AM

Scott Moore, golf product manager at Garmin International, joins the Modgolf Podcast to share how Garmin's 'human-centered design' approach leads to creation of innovative golf products that customers love. For the past several years, Moore's focus has been on the golf market and developing products that can help golfers on and off the course.  He's also a passionate golfer, which makes it easy for him to love his job.

Here's a quote from the interview:

"When proposing a product concept, we always ask the question, Why Garmin? Why is someone motivated to buy this over our competitors? We're always looking to add benefit to our products and not just churn out a bunch of similar ones, put lipstick on it and say it’s good now. We strive to add value every time we create a new product." 

Watch the video above, and hit the play button below to listen to the full episode. And look for more new episodes of the Modgolf Podcast coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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