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Magnifying Excellence

How do you define excellence? It's a unique answer for most of us, and host Brian Hurlburt is taking a deep dive into all things excellence with the likes of Charley Hoffman, Greg Maddux, Bill Walton, Susan Anton, Napoleon McCallum and others. Magnifying Excellence Podcast episodes are timeless journeys, where guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but a deep examination of the all-encompassing path of excellence. The Magnifying Excellence Podcast just might be the podcast you didn’t know you needed.

The host: Brian Hurlburt

Magnifying Excellence Podcast host Brian Hurlburt, the Las Vegas Golf Insider and a two-time author, has been published in national magazines, and has appeared on various local and national television and radio shows. After several years of asking “How do you define Excellence?” and too many responses of, “That’s a great question; I have never been asked that before”, Hurlburt launched the Magnifying Excellence podcast in fall of 2020.