The inside story of Redbird Avian

February 20, 2021 09:30 PM

In this week's episode, host Paul Liberatore interviews Jay Turner, founder and CEO of Redbird Avian golf clubs.

Investing your time and money in getting fit for a set of irons can enable you to play better golf, but that extra step also might have some hidden financial benefits. A well-built, properly fit iron set will outlast the cycle of clubs off the shelf, reduce frustrations and eliminate the need to run to the store or log on to find your next set. Liberatore says that Redbird Avian's premium materials, impressive performance and fitting capacity is impressive top to bottom. Understanding that clubs tailored to your golf swing can have immense benefits in your performance is paramount. A better fit can lead to more distance, more accuracy and less stress. It's all part of the Avian brand.

Watch the video above and listen to the full episode below. Look for more new episodes of "Behind the Brand," coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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