The inside story of L.A.B. Putters

August 23, 2020 01:11 PM

Morning Read has partnered with Golfers Authority to distribute its podcast, Behind the Brand, on the Morning Read Podcast Network. In this week's episode, host Paul Liberatore interviews his good friend Sam Hahn, the CEO of L.A.B. Putters.

L.A.B. Putters is known for innovation, and its DF 2.1 (aka "the space ship") and its smaller B.2 blade putter are two of the most accurate putters tested at Golfers Authority. So, if performance is your main goal, Golfers Authority gives L.A.B. its stamp of approval.

Hit the play button below to listen to the show, or view it in the video box above. Look for more episodes of Behind the Brand coming soon.

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