The inside story of Athalonz golf shoes

April 10, 2021 10:26 PM

In this week's episode, host Paul Liberatore interviews Tim Markison, founder and CEO of Athalonz golf shoes.

Trusted by many of golf's top long drivers (advocates include Justin James, Ryan Steenberg, Will Hogue, Kyle Berkshire, Justin Moose and Ryan Reisbeck) Liberatore says Athalonz golf shoes are truly special.

Athalonz technology is so unique, the company has received 13 U.S. patents, an incredible number. Unlike other athletic shoe manufacturers, which may hold a design patent for their look or utility patents for their manufacturing processes, Athalonz's patents address one-of-a-kind, game-enhancing technology that helps golfers get into what it calls optimal athletic positioning, or OAP.

Markison says that OAP leverages the laws of physics to shift the way the feet engage with the turf. The medial side of the forefoot "sinks" into the ground, shifting knees inward. This causes a shift of weight to the inside of the legs, creating a power triangle. In this position, the body is able to maximize ground-reaction force and minimize "leakage" forces. With feet about shoulder width apart and less leakage forces, a golfer can generate 9 percent more power, Markison says.

The combination of a proper athletic foundation and body alignment reduces stress on the body. By shifting weight-bearing forces inward, stress is reduced on the ankles, knees and hips, which cuts down on the aches and pains from repetitive sports.

Watch the video above and hit the play button below to listen. Look for more new episodes of "Behind the Brand," coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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