Mark Immelman: Play your own game

February 15, 2021 11:12 AM

Mark Immelman is golf's jack of all trades. A former all-American collegiate and professional, Immelman is a player agent, coach, author and golf analyst for a variety of channels. He also hosts "On the Mark Podcast."

Immelman joins host Jeff Pelizzaro to discuss his varied career, the current condition of golf and how COVID actually has helped the game, and the topic of distance.

Watch the video above, or hit the link here to listen. And look for more new episodes of "18STRONG" coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

Highlights from this episode:

  • His background in golf, how he fell in love with the game after suffering an injury that kept him from other sports, and how he found himself moving to the U.S. to play in college.
  • How social media and the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips helped or hindered the students who come to see him. He also talks and dispels some common myths that he hears from club golfers.
  • The catalyst that got him into broadcasting and the unexpected perks of turning his show into a podcast with weekly content and what 2020 has done to and for golf, and his view of the future trajectory of golf.
  • He shares some stories about himself and brother Trevor Immelman and their time at the 2008 Masters.
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