Inside the making (and shaping) of the world's greatest golf courses

December 04, 2020 12:42 PM

Morning Read has partnered with 18STRONG to distribute its podcast on the Morning Read Podcast Network. In this episode, host Jeff Pelizzaro interviews Kye Goalby, one of the world’s most coveted golf course shaper/designers. Goalby has worked on some of the top courses in the world, such as Ballyneal, Sebonack, Pasatiempo, Oakland Hills, Old MacDonald, and many more.

Shaping and designing golf courses is in many ways a behind-the-scenes kind of profession. In fact, one of Goalby's proudest achievements is when a golfer can’t even tell an architect was ever there.

We often hear the names of the architects he has worked with: Tom Doak, Bill Coore, Gil Hanse, etc. Goalby is the guy who comes in to do the work of shaping, moving earth, rolling greens, and all of the other things that most of us never think about.

Along with Kye’s pedigree in the golf course design world, he also happens to be the son of Bob Goalby, the 1968 Masters champion. He's also related to Jay and Jerry Haas. It is safe to say that Kye Goalby grew up in a world filled with golf, yet unlike some of his family members who made their living teeing it up on the course, Kye is making his playing in the dirt.

Watch the interview in the video above, and hit the play button below to listen. And look for more episodes of the 18STRONG Podcast coming soon.

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