How pro golf is changing for the better (and for the worse)

December 13, 2020 06:00 PM

Jay Delsing played more than 25 years on the PGA Tour, had 565 starts, played on the Champions Tour, and is now hosting the “Golf With Jay Delsing” podcast.

Delsing has stayed involved with the PGA Tour, including many hours in the booth with Fox Sports, and has created so many friendships and connections in the world of golf. He talks about his career as a player, the landscape of professional golf these days, and some great stories from his time playing with the best golfers in the world.

Highlights from this episode

  • Delsing catches us up on what he has been up to and the success of his show “Golf with Jay Delsing” with his longtime friend John Perles.
  • He also dives into how a kid from north county St. Louis went on to play college golf at UCLA and tee it up with the likes of such celebrities as Sean Connery and past presidents.
  • The major differences he has noticed between the tours he played for 30 years to the tour now and how the powerhouses we are seeing now are changing the game and the course structure alike.
  • What courses and the PGA Tour can do to keep up with the way the game is changing and combat what these pro golfer are able to do on these courses.
  • What he has seen fitness-wise from the guys on the tour and whether or not having a focus on fitness is becoming a differentiator in terms of getting onto the tour.

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