Brian Bradley: Your body isn't broken; it's just bent

March 18, 2021 04:04 PM

Brian Bradley, head of the Egoscue Method clinics, joins "18Strong" to discuss how people can improve themselves mentally and physically.

Bradley has been studying biomechanics and human anatomy using the Egoscue Method for more than 25 years.

Watch the video above, or hit the link here to listen. And look for more episodes of "18Strong," on the Morning Read Podcast Network.

> Bradley gives his elevator pitch on his background, who he is, and everything the Egoscue Method is about in living a pain-free life.
> He dives more into the Egoscue method and breaking down proper alignment and balance into a few main important muscle/body groups to better conceptualize what alignment should look like and practical ways on how to achieve better alignment and receive the dividends from that change.
> His philosophy of “bent not broken” and how age should not be as heavy of a factor when looking at changing your physicality and your mentality around your health and well-being.
> The role that posture plays in the setup and throughout the entire golf swing, and the importance of posture first before you start trying to train or strengthen your swing or hip rotation.
> The “New World, New You” challenge that he did with Tony Robbins and getting close to a million people to have a different mindset of doing good and coming out of this past year better and ready to make the world better.

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