Pebble Beach

Latest Pebble Beach Stories
  • Have Clubs Will Travel host David Wood features Pebble Beach Golf Links, which is about as majestic of a golf course in the world, in the latest episode of The Where To Golf Next travel series
  • Hawk & Rude take their shots at 'underrated' and 'overrated' sites
  • The original Softspikes were introduced in 1993, primarily to alleviate damage caused by traditional metal spikes to greens and, not coincidentally, wooden bridges, walkways, clubhouse carpets and floors. Not long after, courses began banning metal spikes. Today, they are history, except for some PGA Tour pros. But those original, relatively benign, plastic Softspikes hold little resemblance to the oversized clawed cleats on many new golf shoes. Despite its best intentions, the golf industry might have created a multi-fanged monster. Have we traded those little “Christmas tree” metal spike marks for a pinball-like putting game caused by plastic ones?
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