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Standing his ground on fairness in the fairway

As new rules are being considered, I think it would be wise to allow players – amateur and professional – not to have to play their shot if their ball comes to rest in a divot in the fairway (“Revised rules ought to give ground on fairway divots,” March 3, Why punish a player for a good shot? Especially, when the committee is planning on making a change for hitting a ball into a bunker.

Joe Trueblood
Kansas City, Mo.


TV announcers’ attire merits a dressing-down

I also have gone more casual at my workplace, as have most of my team members (“PGA of America’s relaxed attire seems shortsighted,” March 6, It has not affected my IQ one bit not to wear a suit and tie to the office. 

What perplexes me is the golf announcers who do wear a suit and tie to sit in a tower with no air conditioning, reporting on golfers wearing golf shirts and casual trousers. Why do the networks insist on this craziness? I think it is a big turnoff to the casual viewer who may become a bit more interested in the game.

Get the announcers in golf shirts like everyone else. I don't wear a suit and tie to watch the broadcast.

Steve Seely
Charlevoix, Mich.


A vote to shorten cycle for world rankings

Thanks for the fun read (“Golf’s metrics would benefit from old-fashioned ethos: Just win,” March 9, It is a good talking point.

My group of guys were just talking about rankings last Sunday at breakfast before we played our first round of the year here in Minnesota. The general consensus was the OWGR seems to be spread too far being at two years. We were thinking the OWGR could be the last 12 months and also the five previous majors (including The Players Championship), and maybe that would be a better ranking.

In any event, an update is in order for the OWGR.

Peach Larson
St. Paul, Minn.


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