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Heed Van Sickle’s advice and live ‘The Arnie Way’

Gary Van Sickle’s article is, as usual, a brilliant piece of writing emanating from a veteran writer who has his pulse on the heartbeat of golf (“Pros can salute Palmer in ways beyond playing Bay Hill,” March 10,

Van Sickle states, “There are ways to honor Palmer that are better than a statue,” and in so doing he looks beyond the petty criticism of those who are lamenting the lackluster star-power turnout at the API and pierces to the very heart of the matter: the man Arnold Palmer. If you want to honor Palmer, he states, then “live a good life, be a good person and play golf The Arnie Way.”

What a powerful and challenging admonition. Hopefully we will all be inspired to heed Van Sickle’s advice and honor Arnie in this way.

Palmer was a friend and client. My life has been enriched by having known him. Long live The King. 

Juan Elizondo
Omaha, Neb.

(Elizondo is the inventor and owner of Speed Stik, a training aid)


Hey, Tiger: Got some time to spare this week?

Another well-written article from Van Sickle. Why not contact Tiger Woods’ team and ask if they can find some class and have The Chosen One drive all the way up to Orlando and hand out the trophy that he won eight times?

Dan McQuilken 
Brick, N.J.


A reluctance to state the obvious regarding Palmer

I was a little taken back by the way the media covered the final year of Arnold Palmer’s life. I am sure this was done out of great respect to Palmer, but there seemed to be a reluctance to state the obvious in terms of his health.

Palmer was ailing, and like any older person he had the normal challenges in that phase of life. On TV, the sightings of Palmer became more staged, with the intent of transmitting that “nothing is wrong with Arnold.” I found that to be rather unfortunate as aging is a natural part of life, and people like Palmer who have lived their lives properly will be surrounded by loving family and friends right to the end.

There is nothing to hide in terms of growing old, and in my opinion Palmer would have been better served in his final years with the focus being on his great legacy as opposed to a staged photo op that conveyed “Arnold is just fine.”   

Reid Farrill


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