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Button up the decorum, regardless of attire 

I am 65 years old and don't give much of a hoot what people wear nearly as much as I care about their decorum on course (“PGA of America’s relaxed attire seems shortsighted,” March 6, Yeah, I might cringe at cutoffs and tank tops, but if their manners are good and their pace of play is up to snuff, I am paying attention only to my difficulties and successes per shot.

We here in New Mexico already practice a somewhat relaxed approach to dress in that no one gets the stink eye over wearing jeans on-course. (Jeans are damned-near formal wear here, and when the spring winds are blowing, they are nearly a necessity!)

I find that to be refreshing, and it doesn't demean the game here one iota. In fact, I have seen jeans on courses in Arizona and Colorado. It must be a Western thing. Having moved from the East, I find that our shirts here don't seem to be so stuffed, and the comfort is refreshing. 

Michael Welsh
Rio Rancho, N.M.


Higher price for U.S.-made clubs would be worth it

So, you are against bringing manufacturing of golf drivers back to the U.S. (“Proposed import tax could raise price of your new driver,” March 6, I think that the failed Nike and the failing TaylorMade club-manufacturing units would have done well to be able to advertise “made in the USA.” In case you have not been paying attention, patriotism is back in style.

The other problem with manufacturing in Asia is the proliferation of knockoffs.

And, yes, I would pay more for clubs made in the USA.   

Jim Mork
Green Valley, Ariz.

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