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Not so bullish on the Tour

I really enjoy your site. Excellent article by Mr. Van Sickle (“Tour takes a siesta this week on Mexican tycoon’s past,” March 3, I'm so tired of hearing the BS the Tour puts out there. Mr. Van Sickle, please keep asking more questions. The Tour has always controlled the media, and it's time that real reporting is done.

Dan McQuilken
Brick, N.J.


An opening bid for better days 

A parallel to the golf problem (“Millennials hold the key to golf’s uncertain future,” Feb. 23, is bridge – probably worse. Here's hope: More old people are taking up bridge. Maybe that happens with golf. 

Another point: the time. I am a huge supporter of playing nine – less than two hours. Walking that is possible for most folks, too. 

Jim Voelz
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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