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Swing Coach training aid promotes simple solution

Logan, Utah (Jan. 17, 2016) – The new Swing Coach training club is designed to provide the best and most useful golf-swing feedback, and initial responses from those who have tested the new device confirm that Swing Coach is simple to use and highly effective.

Developed with guidance and collaboration from the world’s top golf coaches — led by Dean Reinmuth, who is both a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 teacher—Swing Coach promotes making the proper smooth, accelerating swing by removing the urge to “hit” the ball. Designed to help any golfer who wants to get better fast, Swing Coach can help smooth out any golf swing and keep it smooth.

“Make a swing, watch how the ball flies, and (you) immediately know what is right and wrong with each swing,” says Terry McAndrew, editor of

“The Swing Coach Club is aimed at teaching two things: a square club face and smooth acceleration. It does both very effectively,” writes Matt Saternus, Director of Instruction at “I can see this living in your bag and being the first thing you use during a practice session to ingrain the feel of being smooth.”

“No need to wait for an appointment with a teaching pro, get wired up, or stand still for video analysis,” notes a column at “All you need is Swing Coach and your eyes and you’ll immediately know what you’re doing wrong.” 

Swing Coach teaches golfers how to make the right swing at every speed, from pitch shots to drives, all with the same training aid. The secret is the patented cradle technology, but Swing Coach is also supported by a website and full platform of instructional videos by Reinmuth, as well as simple explanations for analyzing ball flights and their meaning.

Just 15 to 30 minutes of practice with Swing Coach is all that’s necessary to see real improvement in the swing and develop the muscle memory necessary to make perfect swings over and over again. It works for new and developing golfers as well as better players.

And whenever help is needed, Swing Coach is in the bag to get things back on track in just a few minutes.

Suggested retail price is $109. Swing Coach is available online and select major golf retailers. For additional information, access the web site at