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Swing Coach Club training aid helps start season

Get ready for your own season of success by grooving a proper, accelerating golf swing

Logan, Utah (Feb. 28, 2017)  Spring training season is an ideal time for golfers’ “swing training” with the new Swing Coach Club training aid.  Golfers of all levels –even some skeptics – are discovering how the instant feedback from the Swing Coach club leads to their fast improvement.

This fully patented training club is designed to provide accurate and useful golf-swing feedback. Initial responses from players and teachers confirm that Swing Coach is simple to use and highly effective.

Swing Coach Club was developed with guidance and collaboration from Dean Reinmuth, who is both a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 teacher. Reinmuth says that Swing Coach promotes a proper smooth, accelerating swing by removing the “hit impulse” and allowing the golfer to make the correct motion through the impact zone.

“The Swing Coach club places the focus on the swing movement, taking contact with the ball out of the equation,” Reinmuth said. “Swing Coach teaches golfers how to make the right swing at every speed, from pitch shots to drives, all with the same training club.”

Just 15 minutes a day with Swing Coach lets users experience the feel of a correct, repeatable golf swing in three easy steps: “load, launch, learn.”

Initially, Brendon DeVore, video producer and host vlogger of the “Be Better Golf” channel on YouTube, didn’t see the value of Swing Coach.

“I have set out on a mission to find unique voices in golf that have truly different ideas about how the regular golfer can break the mold and start to really improve,” DeVore says. “That is what my channel is all about.”

But DeVore, a 3-handicap who lives in Long Beach, Calif., and has competed in numerous amateur events, gave Swing Coach a second chance and—with the help of Reinmuth—learned what finding a more consistent golf swing is all about. (See DeVore’s progress with Swing Coach at )

Swing Coach was a huge hit at the recent PGA Show in Orlando, Fla., where Michael Collins, golf contributor for, called the product’s display and test area, “the most fun spot at the PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day.”  He was one of hundreds of golf professionals, golf media, and every day golfers who lined up to try the Swing Coach training club.

Suggested retail price is $109.  Swing Coach is available online and select major golf retailers. For additional information, access the web site at

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