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New book aims to help golfers find the fighter within

(Dulles, VA) – A new book, Fighting Golf: Flow with Force and Fly, by nationally-acclaimed golf instructor and LPGA Northeast Teacher of the Year Tiffany Faucette, was released today and teaches golfers how to fearlessly and confidently “’F’ Their Games.”

Faucette’s fresh approach to improve scores combines battle and body awareness resulting in a confident mindset, better positioning and forceful swings.

In Fighting Golf, Faucette explains how she has always viewed golf as a fight.  “You hear the word ‘fight’ all the time – ‘I’m fighting this hole; it’s a struggle,’” she explains. “But truly, when you’re in the right mindset, you’re the one fighting and attacking the ball.” 

Unlike other golf books, Fighting Golf gives all readers – from rank novices to elite tournament athletes – a full spectrum of instruction, inspiration and advice.  With her fierce-but-friendly approach and detailed photographs, Faucette shows players how to rethink ways they use their bodies and brains so they can train themselves to hit winning shots.

The conversational style of the book introduces readers to Faucette’s playing background on the pro circuit and how she overcame roadblocks in her swing with simple changes to body mechanics that have huge impacts on any swing. 

“It was imperative to make Fighting Golf easily digestible and enjoyable, so players would keep turning pages” Faucette says.  “At the same time, I give very detailed instructions, so each movement makes sense and is easy to replicate on the range, course or at home.”

Fighting Golf breaks down complex swing theory into comprehensible drills such as “Throw a Punch,” “Pick up a Heavy Bucket,” “Hold off an Intruder” and “Bored at a Cocktail Party.”  While drill names may elicit smiles, they directly address simple postures and grips that turn soft swings into powerful ones.  Close-up and full-body photographs help players put tips immediately into practice and their games.

One way Faucette injects new elements of fun into the game is with her patented “F Your Game” philosophy and various productive F-words to make your game the finest.

Bringing Fighting Golf to the shelves has long been Faucette’s passion.

“I’m working hard to re-frame this game that’s been around for centuries; some say it’s old and stodgy, but golf is so far from that.  Golf is fun.  It’s violent.  It’s exciting!” 

Fighting Golf brings that concept to life for a lot of people,” Faucette continues, “and nourishes players so much they renew their love of the game and invite their friends to play.  Golf welcomes everyone: it’s you, a golf ball and a whole lot of fun about to happen!” 

Fighting Golf is on where it’s quickly become five-star rated and the No. 1 new golf coaching book.  It is also for purchase on where golfers access “F Your Game” tips.  Part proceeds of Fighting Golf benefit LPGA Girls’ Golf.

About Tiffany Faucette

Thriving to make people better on and off the golf course, Tiffany Faucette has coached all levels of golfers from beginners to professionals as well as former NFL, MLB and MLS players.  Faucette captained Florida State University’s women’s golf team and rose to No. 1 in the Titleist Golfweek Rankings.  Following a playing career on the LPGA Futures, European, and Asia tours, – and scores of teaching accolades from national and regional organizations – Faucette is revered for quelling players’ frustrations and restoring their enthusiasms for the game.  She is lead instructor at 1757 Golf Club, managed by Indigo Golf Partners, in Dulles, Virginia.  

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