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Golf Experiences For Her Launches This Month

Gladstone, New Jersey (January 10, 2017) - Gia Bocra Liwski, a Class A LPGA Teaching Professional and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America, has announced the launch of Golf Experiences for Her, a program of highly customizable, golf- and lifestyle-centered events that provide women-individuals, executives, and their female clients-opportunities to advance their golf games while incorporating sophisticated off-the-course experiences. 

"Golf Experiences for Her grew out of a career's worth of evidence demonstrating that many women are seeking more than just a standard golf lesson or typical group clinic," explained Liwski, who is also a teaching pro at the highly regarded Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, New Jersey. 

"HER Experiences also provides guests with a selection of experiences in areas such as motivation, wellness, art, fashion, wine, and gastronomy, all led by industry professionals, that can create a special day that strikes the perfect balance of golf and lifestyle. As well, our events motivate women to learn how to play golf, or enhance their existing golf games, with the help of golf's top instructors and in a way not offered by other instructional programs."

Golf Experiences for Her has launched its website - - which reflects Liwski's mission to grow the game for women and to provide guests with an exceptional experience of personalized instruction and individually-tailored leadership, teambuilding, and social events. The website allows visitors to visualize the many ways an event can be customized and constructed. 

"We want people to see that a golf-oriented program can be much more than just time spent on a lesson tee. Groups that attend our events experience a luxurious day out of the office providing time for both pleasure and relaxation, and depart better prepared to accept their next golf invitation."

For additional information access the web site ( or contact Liwski at (732) 823-8185.

About Gia Bocra Liwski
Gia Bocra Liwski is a Class A LPGA Professional with more than 20 years of teaching experience. Gia is the Teaching Professional at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, N.J., and has been recognized as one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America. Gia has been featured in Golf For Women, Golf Fitness Magazine, LINKS, GolfWeek, Jersey Golfer, and numerous online resources. Additionally, having traveled the globe as host of several golf and lifestyle television programs, Gia has a unique perspective on the game and all that surrounds it.