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Chiropractor finds foot relief in Zoriz golf sandals

ZORIZ Golf Sandals started in Florida when Mark Medley, a chiropractor at Midwest Orthopedic, Pain & Spine in Farmington, Missouri, had played 36 holes of golf in one day for several days in a row and had sore feet. He decided not to play with his traditional golf shoes and instead wore flip flops for the afternoon 18 holes. Much to his surprise he shot one of the best rounds of the trip and felt great doing it. The freedom of wearing the flip flops made the round more enjoyable. After the trip he continued to wear the flip flops and noted what he could do to make them more comfortable and durable. After years of design and development Mark was granted a US Patent for a flip flop golf sandal.

The ZORIZ Golf Sandal is a functional golf shoe in flip flop form that is specifically built for playing golf with patented features to withstand the torque of the golf swing and help keep your feet where they need to be during the swing. Although they look like flip flops, they are built on an EVA athletic shoe mid-sole that provides comfortable support. The heel has a deeper cup and sidewall that keep your foot in place doing the swing. Removable spikes are a big part of the functionality of the ZORIZ sandal. The thong style has a reinforced post design that sits comfortably between the toes. The core synthetic upper is padded with neoprene cushioning that holds the foot securely. The ZORIZ Golf Sandal adds diversity to golf footwear while sustaining peak performance. Sizes range from 6 to 12 and come in various color combinations. The ZORIZ Golf Sandal delivers functionality and performance and is being used at all levels of completion from teaching professionals to weekend warriors, and is becoming the choice of women and men golfers nationwide.

The ZORIZ Golf Sandal can be purchased online at, Amazon, eBay, Golfio, and Pro Shops a crossed the nation.  Please contact Mark Medley at or stop by booth 3990 at the PGA Show.

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