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Plenty of questions for early in the golf season

From CBS’ big changes to Olympic golf to Tiger Woods and the PGA Tour, unknowns abound for 2020

Questions to ponder while waiting for the Florida Swing:

If the PGA Tour is going to admonish Cameron Smith for calling Patrick Reed a cheater, shouldn’t it also tell Reed not to cheat?

Shouldn’t Phil Mickelson be prepping for the Champions Tour?

Has Hank Haney taught a single PGA Tour player since he broke up with Tiger Woods and wrote the book, “The Big Miss”? Did he deserve to lose his radio show on SiriusXM?

Presidents Cup 2019
Americans Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantley won 3 points apiece in the U.S. victory in the 2019 Presidents Cup, but if you had to pick just one of them, who would it be?

If CBS’ Sean McManus believed that his network’s golf coverage had become “stale,” who in this current group is going to entertain? Who’s going to tell us why certain golf swings work? Who’s going to keep the coverage from being a snooze?

Have we already seen the best of Rickie Fowler? How about Jason Day?

Are you going to buy new golf equipment this year? Why?

How big of a deal is golf in the Olympics? Bigger than it was four years ago?

Dustin Johnson or Jon Rahm?

Can Ernie Els be the savior of the Presidents Cup?

If Tiger Woods never wins again, are you OK with that?

Isn’t this Premier Golf League business – a proposed world tour consisting of 18 tournaments and 48 of the best players – the first big test for PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan? How important is it to him to squash this proposed big-money tour before it ever takes shape?

What does “grow the game” mean? More players? More spectators? More TV viewers? More consumers? Just more?

Don’t you think the Europeans already are thinking about the Ryder Cup?

Do you understand the new World Handicap System?

Isn’t “Morning Drive” on Golf Channel better on the weekends with just three people talking? Kind of like it was in the beginning?

Patrick Cantlay or Xander Schauffele?

Will professional golfers speed up enough that you’ll notice? Or should the powers-that-be just let them go?

Is it more important for professional golfers to play faster or for the people in your group – and the group ahead – to pick up the pace?

Can you think of a player who burned so hot and fell so fast as Jordan Spieth has?

Do you have a problem with PGA Tour players going to Saudi Arabia for a huge appearance fee?

Danielle Kang or Nelly Korda?

Are players intimidated by Tiger Woods again? Or are the younger stars fearless enough to believe they can beat him?

Don’t you wish that announcers would stop saying, “If he makes this putt, it will make dinner taste better”? These guys eat dinner at great places. Doesn’t it always taste good?

Anybody seen Martin Kaymer?

Do you think the stand-up putter that John Smoltz was using should be illegal? Or did you immediately go online and order one?

Does Patrick Reed have problems that it takes professionals to solve?

Lexi Thompson or Brooke Henderson?

Would Nick Faldo please stop describing rough as “tagliatelle”? Can’t he come up with another word?

Anybody seen Jimmy Walker?

Have you seen the Coors Light commercial in which the tagline is: “The Official Beer of Going Golfing Just to Drink Beer”? Wouldn’t you hate to be behind that foursome?

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