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California gives college athletes freedom to earn money

Law puts state on collision course with NCAA

Signed: By California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Fair Pay to Play Act, which will allow college athletes in the Golden State the first to be able to make endorsement money. The legislation, known as Senate Bill 206, runs counter to NCAA rules that define amateurism for college athletics (“California pokes NCAA’s golden goose,” Sept. 24). In response, the NCAA said in a statement that it would continue to make “adjustments” to its rules “that are both realistic in modern society and tied to higher education.” The law would make it illegal for schools to prevent an athlete from earning money by selling to rights to his or new name, image or likeness. It is expected to benefit primarily athletes in the revenue-generating sports such as football and men’s basketball. The law is scheduled to take effect in 2023, an intentionally long runup to allow the NCAA and other states time to catch up. Similar legislation has been introduced in New York and Florida, and other states are considering action.

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