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Teen pro Bhatia takes best path to improve

How could anyone in Akshay Bhatia's shoes not go fo it?

Teen pro Bhatia takes best path to improve
How could anyone in Akshay Bhatia’s shoes not go for it (“Teen phenoms find no guarantees as pros,” Sept. 23)?

One of the most efficient ways to get better at golf is to play against better players. The money and fame are alluring, but those should not be the primary driving factors of his decision to turn professional now or wait. If Bhatia has an intense desire to learn and compete against the best, maybe it's time to give it a shot. Also, if the thought of teeing it up at a college golf event doesn't make him leap out of bed in the morning, that might suggest going pro now is a path he should seriously consider.

He'll need a strong mental approach, maturity beyond his years, lots of core self-belief, and tons of mental toughness. It won't be easy. Sure, some naysayers will question the forfeiting of the college experience, the chance to be All-American and win an NCAA championship. They'll question whether he's mature enough to handle the spotlight. My advice to Bhatia would be: Don't let anyone steal your dreams, certainly not the ghost of Ty Tryon.

Matt Sughrue
Arlington, Va.
(Sughrue is a clinical psychotherapist and sports performance coach.)

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