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Hank Haney discloses his radio comeback, beginning next week.

Announced: By Hank Haney, that he will return to the airwaves next week. Haney, the longtime golf instructor whose list of past clients includes Tiger Woods, resigned from his SiriusXM radio show on May 30 after he made marks that were criticized as being insensitive to Koreans for their dominance in women’s golf (“If Haney feels remorse, next step is key,” May 30). Haney said Monday on Twitter that he will be doing a regular podcast, beginning Sept. 23 on iHeartRadio, and promises “real non-sugar-coated golf talk.” In an interview with Golfweek’s Geoff Shackelford, Haney acknowledged that his name has been “tarnished forever, in certain people’s minds,” but added that he has had many well-wishers urging his return to radio. Haney said that his contract with iHeartRadio calls for podcasts as often as each weekday morning.