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Tour vote proves McIlroy wins popularity contest

From the Morning Read Inbox readers respond to recent articles about the PGA Tour's player of the year and women's golf in comparison to women's tennis

Tour vote proves McIlroy wins popularity contest
When I saw that Rory McIlroy was named the PGA Tour’s player of the year, I knew that it had to be a vote by the players because it became a popularity contest (“In the news,” Sept. 12). Brooks Koepka is the real POY, and it’s not down to a final field goal.

Koepka won three events in the 2018-19 season, as did McIlroy. Unlike McIlroy, Koepka won a major championship and finished second twice and fourth in the other majors. He was not out of the top five in any major.

I like McIlroy a lot, and he is amazing and a wonderful ambassador for golf, but player of the year? Sorry, but his victories at the Players and the Tour Championship do not trump a major title and Koepka’s overall record in the major championships.

Will the real POY please stand up?

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.

Drop comparisons and appreciate golf’s uniqueness
Reader Betsy Larey would like women’s golf purses modeled after the U.S. Tennis Association’s women’s purses (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Sept. 12). That would allow the women to play for the same $12 million purse for which the men compete.

However, she can’t cherry-pick the best from the USTA women’s tour. I wonder whether the LPGA would embrace the idea of playing for a $12 million purse one week of the year in exchange for playing the other 40-plus weeks for total purses that, as with the USTA’s biggest women’s events, run at about $100,000?

Let’s stop comparing the best in other sports to the worst in golf. People use the shot clock in other sports as a way to fix slow play on the PGA Tour. But what if the Tour implemented the shot clock but also used instant replay to monitor shot-clock violations? What if Rory Sabbatini called Jason Day for a shot-clock violation, but Day disagreed? Does Sabbatini throw a red flag so that an official in New York could review the tape? What would that do to pace of play?

Golf is unique to other team and individual sports. It needs to be kept that way.

Charlie Jurgonis
Fairfax, Va.

UL International Crown complements Solheim Cup
Perhaps mention of the UL International Crown should be included in the conversation about the best players in the world not being represented at the Solheim Cup (“Also-rans mar Solheim Cup as irrelevant,” Sept. 10).

It’s played on the even-numbered years, and teams of women from around the globe compete. In the first year of the event, Spain took first place.

Debbie Waitkus

O’Neill’s ideas find their mark
Thanks, Dan O'Neill, for a very entertaining column (“A few ideas to amp up Tour’s new season,” Sept. 9). His views on golf course data books and rangefinders are spot on, and I love his “retro” tournament ideas. Plus-fours, anyone?

Paul Sunderland
Los Angeles

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